Basketball Betting on New88 Master Standard

Basketball betting is one of the popular forms of sports betting at New88. Here players will experience dramatic basketball matches, along with attractive odds. If anyone does not know the rules of the game, as well as the odds of this sport, please read this article immediately.
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Introduction to basketball betting

Among the sports betting game titles available atNew88, basketball betting is also the most popular game today. With this category, players will predict and bet on the team that will likely win. Before the match, the game portal will provide gamers with parameters about bets and an odds table to participate in betting.

There are two basic types of basketball betting: betting on each half and betting on the entire match. If you have participated in soccer betting, the way to play this sport is similar and very simple.

Regulations on basketball betting at New88 bookmaker

You need to understand the rules of basketball betting so you can easily win on all fronts. Below are some rules, bettors need to read carefully.

  • All-match basketball bets will be included in the final result of the match. Including overtime or extra time. In this type of match, there is no draw. If there is a tie, the match will be played until a winner or loser is determined.
  • A match is suspended or canceled in effect in the following cases: If a match has taken place but encounters a problem that must be paused or canceled within 12 hours from the time the match started.
  • In case a basketball match is canceled, or does not take place at the scheduled time. Those bets have no effect, the bet will be refunded to the account.
  • Bets are considered invalid and void if the player bets on abandoned matches.
  • When the match is paused or canceled, the rounds or matches that have ended will be counted as wins and losses as usual. If bets are placed on rounds that have not yet taken place, they will not be valid.
  • With betting on the team to score the first score of the match if the match is stopped but has already scored the first score. That bet is still accepted, and winnings are paid as usual.
  • Vice versa for bets on which team scores the last point (including overtime after 2 main periods). If a match is abandoned or abandoned, the bet will not be considered.

Some popular forms of betting New88

Bettors need to carefully study all the bets available on New88. From there, choose the type of bet suitable for each match, as well as your financial ability. There are 5 main betting options as follows:

  • Over/under betting: With this format, players will bet based on the total number of goals in the match. If it is lower than the number given by the dealer, it is under, and if it is higher, it is called over.
  • Moneyline bet: You will predict the team that will win the final match. The winning rate is 50/50, this is a very simple form and a smart choice for new players.
  • Handicap betting: This form is understood as the stronger team will handicap the weaker team by a corresponding odds. The handicap rate will be given by the game portal to ensure fairness for the underdog team.
  • Future bets: Means bettors will participate in betting when the new season starts. Then we will analyze, judge and bet on the best team of that tournament. However, beginners should not choose this bet, because the win rate is very low.
  • Odd-even bet: Players predict whether the total result of the match will be even or odd. Note that this betting method can be applied to each round.

New88 basketball betting method from experts

To bet basketball effectively, in addition to mastering the theory. You need to use smart strategies to win money from the house. Here are some extremely standard playing methods for everyone to refer to.
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Learn carefully the rules of the game

Before participating in basketball betting, you need to read the game rules carefully to be able to bet correctly. In addition, bad situations and future consequences can be avoided.

Consider the playing time of matches

You should check whether each team’s schedule is dense or has a lot of practice and rest time. To help you judge which team has the advantage and place bets correctly.

Choose a bookmaker with high odds

To play basketball betting safely, and increase your odds of winning a lot of bets. Players need to choose a reputable bookmaker to avoid scams. New88 game lobby is among the top highly reputable game portals in the betting market today. Please come experience it to know more.

Carefully read the betting statistics and teams before the match

Before each match, bettors should check the statistics of the previous two teams’ matches. To see if the performance, as well as the competition results, are good or not. From there, make reasonable judgments for basketball betting.


Above are New88’s shares about basketball betting. Hopefully this article has answered players’ questions about the formatSports betting This. Wishing you guys have fun moments at the house.

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